Why Upfeed will save your development in 2021

Brands, you have suffered. Like many others, the confinement has marked a big stop in your development, your productions and your customer relationship. It's hard to know how customers react to your materials, your cuts, your designs without going to the store. upfeed

How do you get your customers' attention, while collecting information that will help you optimize your investments? There is only one answer: Upfeed.

Upfeed is the digital methodology that allows you to discover your top prelaunch products, set an optimal selling price and create a real relationship of trust with your consumers.

Why do we need to put it in place now and right away?

Declining demand

The purchasing power allocated to brands (fashion, cosmetics, decoration, ..) has decreased. As the opportunities to go out have become rarer, and as spending is not the dominant logic in uncertain times, people buy much less.

You, me, everyone is affected. So much so that you, brands, find yourselves with excess stock. Your competitors are now your customers who sell your old collections on resale applications. Unless you find another multi-channel sales strategy, this decline will have a strong impact on your turnover. You must therefore identify what your customers want.

Less is more upfeed

More products and collections do not necessarily lead to better financial results. Today, excess product is no longer a sign of power, for brands and consumers alike. Companies need to reduce product volume and find ways to increase sales at full price to reduce inventory levels.

The best approach is to focus on demand for their assortment strategy, with seasonal flexibility for new products and replenishment. In this way, it is economically more efficient to propose your ideas, analyse demand and the potential of the products to manufacture only what you like. 

Digital Sprint upfeed

As you've seen, digital adoption skyrocketed during the pandemic, with many brands finally going online and the most zealous adopting digital innovations such as live streaming, customer service video chat and social shopping.

That's a very good basis. It's just that buyers are often tough. It's hard to keep their attention on the line because of the multiplication of advertising messages and they demand increasingly sophisticated digital interactions. And human. How do you mix the two? By finding the right tool that allows as many people as possible to do what we all like to do: give our opinion, in the simplest and most fun way possible.

In search of social justice

Consumers like "Good Companies". A brand that is committed to its employees, to the environment, to medicine, has, for the same product as another, better brand advocacy and therefore more sustainable profitability. Beware, here it is not a question of taking up just any subject, because in truth one is enough, the end of overproduction. Firstly because fines are now in force to fight against the destruction of stocks, but above all because we are all becoming aware that the retail value chain impacts the world and that all it takes is a better understanding of customer expectations to produce in a controlled and responsible manner. Today, a positive or negative customer opinion impacts your reputation. With Upfeed, it allows you to better control your purchases and production.

Customer, tell me which is the most beautiful...

Few brands tested their product market fit before a launch. As a result, 74% of new products sold poorly in the first year. There are solutions, the focus group for example, which allows you to gather target consumers around your products, but this doesn't work much anymore.

While consumers are more willing than ever to participate in the co-creation of a product, there is no room for fluidity in design presentation, community and panel engagement, and especially in data collection and analysis. Nothing? Not nothing, Upfeed can do that.

  1. Build that lasting bond that reinforces the consideration you have for your customers' opinions of your products. 
  2. Optimize production, marketing investment and distribution strategies.

If the context raises new challenges, there are solutions to help those who want to give themselves the means to succeed. And it's happening at Klack.

give your consumers the role they deserve

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