The survey: an indispensable factor for your market research


Understanding all aspects of a market requires an accurate survey. This is essential to make the right decisions at the right time.

The survey: an indispensable factor for your market research

The market study is essential to have a clear vision and to evaluate its chances of success. This study also allows you to verify and validate an idea before launching your project. It is thanks to a thorough market study that you will be able to master the environment in which you will evolve!

What is a market study?

Market research is a job that consists of collecting and analyzing precise information in order to understand the characteristics of the market and the competition.

Market research is an essential step in understanding the environment in which you will launch your business. This analysis allows you to understand the market potential. The study can be broken down into 4 steps: Customer segmentation, customer needs analysis, competitor identification and positioning. 

Market research andsurveys

The survey: an indispensable factor for your market research

The importance of surveys in developing market research

When conducting market research, it is necessary to take advantage of the benefits that surveys offer. Surveys allow you to get clear and precise answers about the needs of your potential customers and to become familiar with your market.

The survey is necessary to understand all aspects of the market in which you will operate. Contrary to what you might think, designing a market research survey is not complicated. By following the right methodology, you will be able to create relevant questionnaires to collect the maximum amount of information. Surveys are great and effective tools for :

  • Adapt quickly to consumers
  • To know all the specificities of the market
  • To have a precise idea of consumer habits
  • Knowing the strengths of customers
  • Create a product/service that meets the expectations of potential customers

How to succeed in market research surveys?

Regardless of the nature of your business and the industry in which you operate, you need to do your surveys and polls well. The most important thing is to find the right questions and the right sampling method. The sample of respondents must be representative. 

To minimize the survey dropout rate and to be faster, it is possible to use the "funnel technique". This technique consists of sorting the respondents according to their answers and eliminating those who are not qualified. 

Another very important point is to check the questionnaires before sending them out. To be sure of the clarity of the questions, it is necessary to carry out a test on a few people. This test allows you to optimize the questions to make them more precise and understandable.

The survey must also be sent at the right time. So you need to think about timing. If, for example, you want to launch a new product aimed at families, you can send out your survey at weekends and during holidays when everyone is free and connected.

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Understanding the aspects of a market requires an accurate survey. It is essential to make the right decisions.