Detect the potential of your products


Studies carried out

Guess no more, ask!

Question your audiences and communities and capture the perceived value of your products now! 



Creating a survey

Build your study on our intuitive platform & engage your consumers through a fun and personalized experience.


Cross channel broadcasting

On your social networks to engage your communities or externally through pre-defined consumer panels, you will have the opportunity to distribute your study to the ideal target.


Visualizing results

The data collected is analyzed by a trained algorithm to offer you a clear and fun visualization with the option to filter responses.


Test your products and capture their perceived value

What do your customers think of your products? How do they position them in terms of price or marketing perception? Our strategic recommendations allow you to automatically detect the marketing potential of your products.


Validate your product-market-fit by finding out what your customers think of your products.

Business Model

Enhance your business model by anticipating a concrete market study before your launch.

Development strategies

Anticipate your development strategies and be sure of the direction to take! 

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Ready to go?


Use our intuitive platform autonomously from the creation of studies to the analysis of results.


Let's build together your development strategies
to ensure your success