Frequently Asked Questions

Some keys to understanding Klack

Klack is a start-up in business intelligence.

It gives companies access to strong strategic recommendations based on consumer perception.

With Klack, a company is able to know to whom, where, how and at what price to sell its product.

Business intelligence enables companies to gather strategic recommendations in order to make measured and effective decisions. 

It consists mainly of technological solutions for data collection and analysis.

The Up Feed is a process for identifying the perceived consumer value before the product is marketed. 

It differs from Feed Back, which will operate during or after use of the product.

Today, the collection of product experience data takes place after the product is marketed, which includes the voice of the end consumer only at the product's release.

This implies risky marketing because it is only partially based on consumer expectations.

By involving the end consumer in product development, the Up Feed makes it possible to adapt and optimise marketing positioning and thus reach a maximum number of consumers, sell more, and reduce losses.

Perceived consumer value is the image that the consumer has of the product.

The closer the marketing positioning is to the perceived value, the more likely your product is to see its sales soar. 

It is therefore an essential factor in building its marketing strategy and ensuring the success of its launch.

There are recognized methods that have been used for decades, which have helped thousands if not millions of products or services to be positioned at the right price. 

Klack has improved these methods to make them even more accurate and easy to use.

Once connected to the klack.io platform, you can directly create a study.

You will be guided at every step thanks to a clear and dynamic interface.

You will be able to choose the type of study, the number of responses, the audience and the type of broadcast.

You will also have the opportunity to be accompanied by our teams, who will be able to take care of the drafting, optimization and distribution of the study, in order to make the most of the Klack tool.

As soon as you launch your study, you will be able to find the results, organized in a playful and airy way on your dynamic dashboard in the associated page.

Yes, partly. 

Klack is a tool to assist in the creation and construction of the offer.

To bring you the intelligence of your customers, Klack uses tools integrating a customer survey; our expertise is to extract all the relevant elements expressed and not expressed in a professional product offer management framework. 

To do this, Klack uses all the answers expressed but also the context elements, which will be translated by a daily automatic learning device and constantly optimised by our teams. 

Klack is aimed at different company profiles, both in retail and in IT.

Argentina - Australia - Austria - Bangladesh - Belgium - Bolivia - Brazil - Canada - Chile - Colombia -.Denmark - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - El Salvador - France - Germany - Guatemala - Honduras - Hong Kong - India - Indonesia - Ireland - Italy - Jordan - Malaysia - Mexico - New Zealand - Norway - Peru - Portugal - Singapore - South Africa - South Korea - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Taiwan - Thailand - Netherlands - Philippines - Saudi Arabia - United Arab Emirates - United Kingdom - United States

The tool is designed to be used and interpreted without any training. However, we know that explanations and advice are always welcome. 

For this purpose, we have created a series of guides on the klack.io platform that provides you with tutorials for setting up the survey, optimizing and analyzing the results.

We also have a personalized support that answers your questions directly.

Klack is an international company with points of contact all over the world. We can accompany you wherever you are based.

At the end of your study, you will have access to reliable strategic recommendations, which you can use to define and build your strategy.

Don't panic, our strategy consultants are available to intervene in this laborious construction if needed.


You can choose a personalized accompaniment and adjustment for any type of campaign: to do so, you will have to select the "custom" package when configuring the campaign. 

In all cases, it is possible to contact our teams to intervene on a campaign.

Access to strategic recommendations is essential to business development.

However, we found that access to this data was not equal for all economic actors.

By optimizing and innovating the process of data collection and analysis, Klack is giving itself the means to democratize access to these data to the greatest number of people.