Collaborative creation

Engage your consumers in your
creative process and optimize your investments.

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of consumers want to help their favourite brands launch their next products

Make only your high-potential products

Interview your customers and communities to discover the sales potential of the products you want to market. 

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Creation of the discussion space

Build a discussion space with your audience
& engage your consumers with a fun and personalized experience.


Cross channel broadcasting

When broadcasting internally and externally, delimit
your broadcast channels to reach the best people.

Dashboard platform Klack


Visualizing results

Clearly visualize your MVPs on a single dashboard
& filter the data to feed your development strategies


Engage your consumers and reduce the risk of business failures

Integrating the opinion of your consumers allows you to build loyalty but also to discover the potential of a product. Validate your ideas and produce according to your customers.

Your best logo

Design A, B or C, instantly visualize your most appreciated logo.

Your best products

Create your MVPs! What products have you built with your customers?

The colour of the season

Red top or purple top?
Detect the trends for next season.

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Ready to go?


Use our intuitive platform autonomously from the creation of studies to the analysis of results.


Let's build together your development strategies
to ensure your success