revolutionizes the brand-consumer relationship

The Upfeed

A new consumer approach

We integrate the consumer's voice before the brand decision-making process. We give strategic recommandations strategic in the design, pricing and marketing for new products. Guess no more, just ask.

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Our Methodology

We revolutionize market research by offering a clear and fun journey from survey to data exploitation.

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Create and distribute surveys

Create gamified product surveys. Distribute them to a large or targeted audience via your digital channels or our consumer panels.

Data Collection and Analysis

Collect and analyze the data processed by our in-house algorithm based on powerful and certified methodologies.

Data visualization

Intuitive and clear overview of survey results in a personalized and dynamic dashboard.

Strategic decision making

Detect market trends and your winning products in real time. Build your strategies working with your customers.

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Strategic benefits

Collect the data relevant to your product market fit and implement dedicated actions for your market and customers. 

Detect trends

Detect the trends of tomorrow by collecting community and audience

Market Research

Klack allows you to quickly identify which product to sell, to whom, where, how and at what price.

Co-creation of products

Engage your consumers in your creative process and optimize your investments

Perception of product value

Detect the perceived value of your products and enhance your brand's image through customer and audience interviews.

Our Philosophy

Test, engage, decide.

We believe that brands should become "love brands" by transforming their customers into brand leaders. By testing your products, concepts and ideas directly with your final target, you make sure you make pragmatic decisions and build a real relationship with your communities.

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